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Press Coverage

1. Lokmat times “Icons of Central India” awards

2. Maximum number of deceased donor organ transplants

3. Organ donation and retrieval workshop

4. Pediatric Liver Transplant

5. First ever Liver donation from Kingsway hospital - liver transplanted at New Era Hospital Nagpur

6. Liver brought from Goa and transplanted in Nagpur

7. Organ donation day samvad 2021 - with Lokmat Group

8. Organ donation from 3 brain dead patients in 10 days/ New Era Hospital performs highest number of liver transplants in Central India

9. Liver brought from Goa and successfully transplanted in a cirrhotic patient at Nagpur

10. Dr Rahul Saxena performs Central India's first pediatric living donor liver transplant

11. 50th organ donation in Nagpur City

12. Dr Rahul Saxena performs Nagpur city ‘s 25th liver transplant

13. Maximum number of liver transplants performed by Dr Rahul Saxena in Nagpur

14. Liver donation by woman who was herself waiting for kidney transplant

15. 40th organ donation in Nagpur -03/12/18

16. First Combined Liver- Kidney transplant in Central India -19/11/18

17. Dr Rahul Saxena performs 10th Liver transplant in Nagpur

18. First Living donor liver transplant (LDLT) in Nagpur - 06/08/18

19. First organ donation from Indira Gandhi Government Medical College(IGMC), Nagpur - 27/07/18

20. First time 600 km long green corridor in India - Dr Rahul Saxena brings Liver from Aurangabad to Nagpur for the first time (Nagpur)

21. First time 600 km long green corridor in India - Dr Rahul Saxena brings Liver from Aurangabad to Nagpur for the first time (Aurangabad)

22. First three Nagpur city transplant recipients discharged successfully

23. Dr Rahul Saxena performs Central India's first Liver transplant at New Era Hospital, Nagpur

24-yr-old Amravati donor gives liver for city’s first transplant (Online)

City’s first liver transplant recipient doing well (Online)

24. Second liver transplant at Nagpur

25. Nagpur City's First pediatric donation and third consecutive liver transplant in 5 days by Dr Rahul Saxena

6-yr-old gifts heart, liver, kidneys, and eyes (Online)

26. New Era Hospital Starts Nagpur’s First Liver Transplant Centre

Times of India (Online) - 13/04/2018 (Online) - 20/02/2018

27. Multiorgan Retrieval in Nagpur at OCHRI

28. Green Corridor helps liver reach Pune in 3 Hours

Times of India (Online) - 04/05/2017

The Indian Express (Online) - 04/05/2017

Maharashtra Times (Online) - 04/05/2017

29. World Liver Day: Effects of alcohol consumption on liver

Maharashtra Times (Online) – 20/04/2017

30. Sahyadri Hospital’s First Heart Harvest

31. Green Corridor between Aurangabad and Pune

Times of India (online) - 2/02/2017
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