Liver Transplant Cost

At our center, liver transplant is offered as a package. This package includes the surgical charges, room rent, nursing charges, consumables, blood products, albumin, pharmacy, lab charges and the radiology.

The cost of a live related liver transplant (LDLT), at our hospital, ranges between 12 to 15 lakhs. Deceased donor liver transplants (DDLT) are usually done in the range of 20 to 22 lakhs. Pediatric transplants are usually done for 10-12 lakhs.

Our Liver transplant packages are, on an average, 5-10 lakh rupees economical (25 - 40 % cheaper) than other transplant centers in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad; while, we provide the similar level of surgical expertise, advanced technology, and patient care.

For pediatric transplants (Age less than 17 years) and for young adults belonging to low socio-economic category, a major chunk of the package amount can be arranged with the help of several NGOs and crowdfunding agencies.

There are certain factors that affect the cost of an organ transplant :

  • Clinical condition of the patient – this in turn determines the length of his stay in the hospital after surgery.
  • Associated co-morbidities – this might affect the post-transplant recovery process.
  • Organ recovery and transport charges (in case of DDLT) – These will be incurred if the liver has to be brought from some other Indian city.

Out-station patients (those who are travelling from other cities) need to keep in mind the cost of stay at Nagpur. Nagpur is a tier II city with affordable housing, food and living expenses. We encourage transplant recipients and their families to lease out a house/ flat in close proximity of the hospital, rather than staying at a hotel or lodge. This will significantly cut down their expenses which otherwise can add up to liver transplant cost.

We have a tie-up with most of the reputed insurance companies and our hospital is empaneled with many of the government departments and agencies for the purpose of organ transplantation.

Life after liver transplant