Pre-transplant Evaluation

A thorough evaluation is necessary to determine whether you are eligible for a liver transplant

Goals of evaluation process

  • To determine the fitness of the patient for a transplant- The other systems such as heart, lungs, kidneys are evaluated & the presence of any infection is ruled out. The ultimate success of Liver Transplant surgery will depend upon the clinical status of the patient & associated medical comorbidities.

  • To determine whether the patient is psychologically and mentally prepared to undergo the procedure & whether he understands the risks involved. The patient and the family are counseled about the procedure, hospital stay, the likely course after surgery & the long-term follow up

  • De-addiction counseling to help people with alcohol, drug or tobacco addictions to quit.

After evaluation, the patient is either placed on the waiting list for cadaveric donation, or, if there is a willing and blood group matched(compatible) donor available in the family, a living donor liver transplant is scheduled.