Myths & Facts About Organ Donation

If I agree to donate my organs, the hospital staff won't work as hard to save my life

Fact: Question of organ donation arises after brain death. Treating & transplant teams are always separate You will be seen first by people with a moral & legal commitment to save your life.

People can wake up from brain death

Fact: Unlike coma patients, there is no possibility of recovery from brain death

It costs money to donate?

Fact: There is no cost to the donor family for the donation process. Once a patient is declared brain dead & family has consented to donate organs then billing is stopped There is no cost of the operation to retrieve organs to the donor.

Donation disfigures the body & delays the funeral

Fact: Donation of organs, tissues & eyes does not disfigure the body or change the way a person looks. They are removed surgically, as in a routine operation. Most donations take place within 24 hours after death & therefore do not delay funeral arrangements.

My religion opposes donation

Fact: All major religions ( Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism ) support donation

All I need to do to become a donor is sign a donor card

Fact: A person's family must consent to donation at the time of their loved one's death. If they don’t then donation does not happen, regardless of any previous documentation. If you have made the decision for organ donation, it is important that you share your decision with your family